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We are a circle of friends from all across the world who have been brought together through our love of Jesus Christ and our desire to express our faith in creative ways. Faith Sisters has been created to help you leave a legacy of faith. It is our hope that you will find inspiration in the challenges and the artwork created by our design team and our members. We encourage you to participate in the challenges, forums and post your creations in the Faith Sisters Gallery!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Scripture Challenge {Week 28}

Week 28 Challenge Word: Strength

Okay, last week we talked about being weary and needing rest and truly resting in the Lord. Well, where does your strength come from when you need it? When you are scared of making a change in your life or there is an illness in your family, how do you handle it? To whom do you turn? God will send us strength each and every day to face whatever we need to face. Look at how He supplied daily nourishment to the Israelites by sending manna from Heaven (Exodus 16:4). Where are you looking for your daily nourishment?

Webster’s defines strength as “the power to resist stress; a toughness or durability.” That makes me think of the Energizer bunny. I think most of us try to be tough or say we are not stressed; we are durable. We will last. Unfortunately, our own batteries will run out if we don’t rely on the precious strength and durability given to us by our precious Lord. Read Isaiah 40:29-31. This tells us that God’s strength and power are available to those who trust in Him and not themselves. God is greater than our most impossible task. Turn to the Lord. He will strengthen you for anything you face.

My card this week was done very quickly. I think this was the fastest card I have done yet (under 30 minutes). Now, if you knew me, you would be surprised. I am one very slow crafter! Ha! Anyway, I had fun using the Create My Keepsake July kit, and I added the string to show that we need to be wrapped in His strength not our own.
There are so many verses to study on strength. I know you will enjoy it. I had a zillion I could of used, and thankfully I was able to squeeze three of my favorites onto my card. I chose:

1 Chronicles 16:11Look to the Lord and His strength; seek His face always."
Psalm 18:1I love you, O Lord, my strength.”
Philippians 4:13I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.”

Someone once said “To look around is to be blessed; to look within is to be depressed; to look up is to be blessed.” So, look up for your strength every day. It’s pretty amazing that we can be filled with His amazing power and strength if we just ask Him.

Please join us here for discussions and links to your cards and pages. Enjoy, and see you next week! Blessings,

1 comment:

**Nancy** said...

Love this week's scripture! I really hope to get to do this!!