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We are a circle of friends from all across the world who have been brought together through our love of Jesus Christ and our desire to express our faith in creative ways. Faith Sisters has been created to help you leave a legacy of faith. It is our hope that you will find inspiration in the challenges and the artwork created by our design team and our members. We encourage you to participate in the challenges, forums and post your creations in the Faith Sisters Gallery!

Friday, May 1, 2009

NSD Has Started - NEW FS Products & Mega SALES!

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Check Out Our interNational Scrapbooking Weekend Sales!

4 Shades of Blue 50-85% off
AE Designs 60% off
Albums to Remember 33-50% off
Ana Flor Up To 35% off
Ariane Rezende EVERYTHING $1.49
Audra's Little Scraps Up To 35% off
Camie Designs Up To 30% off
Chelly Designs EVERYTHING $1.49
Claudi Designs 50% off
Cre8tvlyYrs Designz by Gina Arza 40% off
Dahlia Co Designs 25% off
DigiScrapalicious Up To 83% off
Digital Compilations by Cinda Up To 30% off
Digital Designs by Lisa 30% off
Eva Lindqvist Designs Up To 30% off
Eyelet's Scraps Designs Up to 55% off
Glayce Cavalcante 50% off
Julie Marie Up To 50% off
JZDesigns Up To 60% off
Kreative Karma Up To 88% off - Everything $1
Lifesong Kreations by Karla 30% off
MERCHi makes it! 35% off
Meredith Cardall Up To 50% off & Coupon Code
Michelle Batton Up To 50% off
Monique Drost Up To 50% off
Simply Susan Up To 50% off
Sunny Kohler 50% off
Sweet Tomato Designs 35% off
TMA Designs 35% off


Get our NEW "It's For The Birds" Collab Kits FREE with a purchase of only $10 in product, for the first kit and the SECOND "It's For The Birds" Kit you can have for a purchase of $10 more, the THIRD you can get with another $10 purchase, and finally, get our Quick Page Kits Free for an extra $10 of purchased product!

So if you order $40 or more in product from our shop, you can have these FOUR "It's For The Birds" Kits for FREE!

*You will be sent a coupon code especially for this kit within 24 BUSINESS hours of when we receive your purchase order.
It's For The Birds Kit 1
It's For The Birds Kit 2
It's For The Birds Kit 3
It's For The Birds Quick Pages

$1.25 SALE
Flower Friends Kitling
$2.10 SALE
Mourning to Joy
$2.00 SALE
My Boy
$3.24 SALE
Bouquet Kit
$1.00 SALEMom's Day
$2.25 SALE
On the forest floor
$1.49 SALE
Dollhouse Garden Kit by Chelly Scraps
Fruits of the Spirit
$3.47 SALE
Snow Kissed|Digital Compilations by Cinda
$2.39 SALE
CD - *Sweet Lil' Valentine* - Page Kit
$2.39 SALE
CD - "Truly Love Is Evergreen" Page Kit
$2.40 SALE
Spring Has Sprung, Full Kit
$1.20 SALE
CD - "Just A Little Wild" Mini Kit
$1.20 SALE
CD - "Mellan's Inspiration" Mini-Mini Kit
$1.20 SALE
CD - "Penny Serenade's True Love" Mini-Mini Kit
CD: *Monthly Inspirations: February* "Virtue Of Faith"
$2.00 SALE
Teen Spirit Full Kit
$1.00 SALE
Friendship Angels Complete Kit
$2.39 SALE
CD - "Fabulously Blessed Birthday" Page Kit
$2.60 SALE
Fond Memories
$3.00 SALE
Summer in Mind
Greens and Blue by Adriana Hollenbeck
$3.19 SALE
A Prayer For You by Robin
$2.75 SALE
$1.50 SALE
Earth Wings #2
$2.75 SALE
Purple Dream
$1.00 SALE
Dream a Little Dream
$1.00 SALE
Faithful Birds Word Art
Flower Friends Clusters
Kitchen Scraps
$1.75 SALE
Mom's Day Glitter Styles
$1.75 SALE
Fun in the Sun Glitter Styles
$1.75 SALE
On the Forest Floor Glitter Styles
$1.75 SALE
Enchanted Glitter Styles
Wordarts made by My Creative Team
$1.75 SALE
Easter Things Glitter Styles
Word Art: Love
$1.25 SALE
Song of Spring - Border Cluster 1
$2.07 SALE
Love is a Battlefield|Word Art|Digital Compilations by Cinda
$2.07 SALE
Love is a Battlefield|Elements|Digital Compilations by Cinda
$2.07 SALE
Circle Swirl-a-ments|Digital Compilations by Cinda
$1.00 SALE
Teen Spirit Quotes
When I found God Tuesday Freebie
$1.75 SALE
Lori - the elements
$1.00 SALE
All About Me Teen Spirit Flair
$3.25 SALE
Summer Sweet Smoothies Paperpack
$1.75 SALE
Fabric Papers by Glayce Cavalcante
$1.00 SALE
Chip Me
$1.13 SALE
Artful Mess
$2.07 SALE
Love is a Battlefield|Papers|Digital Compilations by Cinda
$1.75 SALE
Lori - the papers
$2.80 SALE
Mourning to Joy Quickpages
$2.00 SALE
Blue Violet Quick Pages
Sweet Tomato's NSD Challenge Template
$1.05 SALE
Template #2
$15.00 SALE
CU Template Mega Bundle 1-25
$10.00 SALE
Mega Template Pack 1-25
Template #25
Template #23
Template #22
Template #21
Template #20
Template #19
Template #18
Template #17
$1.50 SALE
Summer in Mind - Quickpageset 6
$1.50 SALE
Summer in Mind - Quickpageset 5
$1.50 SALE
Summer in Mind - Quickpageset 4
$1.50 SALE
Summer in Mind - Quickpageset 3
$1.50 SALE
Summer in Mind - Quickpageset 2
$1.50 SALE
Summer in Mind - Quickpageset 1
$2.25 SALE
Summer in Mind - CD Album 1
$1.50 SALE
Lori - Quickpageset 1
$2.00 SALE
My Little Goldfish Quick Pages
$2.00 SALE
Let's Celebrate! v.2 Quick Pages
$1.25 SALE
Purple Dream - the alpha
$1.25 SALE Lori - the alpha
$1.00 SALESparkloop DIAMOND Alpha, Numbers & Symbols
Tips for Text Using PSP
Tips for Text Using PSE
Tips for Text Using ACDSee
Enhancing your Elements Using PSP
Enhancing your Elements Using PSE
Enhancing your Elements Using PSCS
Enhancing your Elements Using ACDSee Photo Editor
Playing with Paper Using PSP
Playing with Paper Using PSE
Playing with Paper Using PSCS
Playing with Paper Using ACDSee Photo Editor
Fun with Photos Using PSP
Fun with Photos Using PSE
Fun with Photos Using ACDSee Photo Editor
DigiScrap101 Using PSP
DigiScrap101 Using PSE
DigiScrap101 Using PSCS
DigiScrap101 Using ACDSeePhoto Editor

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